SEO Agency In Milton Keynes

SEO services from our expert team with guaranteed results and no lengthy tie-ins!

We are the leading specialist SEO (search engine optimisation) agency in Milton Keynes for a very good reason. When it comes to SEO, we demonstrate the value we add each and every month, leading with great results and not by tying clients into lengthy agreements.

SEO has been something of a snake-oil business over the years, but thankfully, you have found the best SEO agency in Milton Keynes that leads with honesty, clarity and meaningful results. Unlike many others, we don't hide behind a fog of technical jargon or "coast" along from month to month.

TFA is a true SEO agency with a team of SEO experts who can drive up your Google rankings for the search terms that really matter. If you want to rank on page one for the terms that matter, and fast, we get the job done and do it at a competitive price.

As the leading SEO agency in Milton Keynes, we can help you to identify not only the most popular and relevant terms that are searched for but also those where the biggest opportunity exists – lower volume, less competition – the low-hanging fruit, as we call it.

We have a dedicated in-house team of SEO experts; we never outsource as many agencies do. We put genuine and visible hard work into making your search terms rank. Equally important to our approach being so successful is our own manual techniques that get the best results for you.

You will find SEO fees vary quite considerably. At the bottom end, around £150 per month, you will likely be getting offshore labour and/or a very poor quality service that is heavily automated, or that barely skims the surface of good quality SEO work. It takes time and expertise to do well; there are no shortcuts. We charge a little more than this but are far from the expensive end, and we deliver a clear and visible return on investment.

At TFA, we take a tried-and-testing common sense approach based on the most effective and ethical current working practices, which means quality results that stick without any penalties later.

See some example SEO case studies below.

With our SEO services, we guarantee results within 3 months, but most clients see a strong uplift in our first month.

This is why 95% of clients choose to keep us retained. Which other SEO companies put that level of confidence in their work?

SEO Services


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Auditing

  • Keyword Research and Opportunity Targeting

  • Website Crawl & Indexing Fixes

  • Keyword Optimisation

  • Indexed Content Expansion (for weak search terms)

    • On-Site

    • Blogs

    • Social Media

    • Influencers

Approach & Methodology


  • Content keywording, optimisation and expansion

  • Under-the-bonnet code fixes and improvements

  • Internal link strategy

  • High-authority external link building

  • Google My Business (GMB), maps and local citations

  • Domain Authority (DA) building

  • Page authority (PA) building

  • Load speed optimisation

  • Landing page design, copy and build

  • Google Analytics setup and auditing

  • Dynamic conversion tracking

  • Clear, tailored monthly reports & advice

  • CRM integration (for leads and enquiries)


SEO Agency In Milton Keynes Case Studies